Announcing Renewed Computers for Schools Program from

We are thrilled to announce our new program to honour a commitment to the future by investing in today's youth.

Today we have made our first donation of 50 renewed computers to schools, school boards, Indigenous communities, and individuals and families living with limited income.

A shocking 40% of Canada’s Indigenous children live in poverty, and so there is a significant need that we hope to do our part for.

And we aren't stopping here. For example, here in our hometown of Toronto, 62% of those living in poverty are from racial minority groups. We hope to announce additional programs supporting racial minority groups in need in the coming weeks.

This could only be possible by the overwhelming support we have received for our business since launching six months ago. For that, you have our thanks.

If you know any charities that need refurbished computers, contact us as we would love to hear about them. While we cannot guarantee a donation, we plan to lean in as much as we can to support our community.

Thanks again, and we are excited to provide the next update!