Outlined below are the terms and conditions of CheapPC.io’s 6-month (180 day) Limited Warranty policy. Please note that there may be specific terms and conditions which apply to particular products that are outlined within their individual product descriptions.

The CheapPC.io 6-month Limited Warranty will begin on the date that the product is delivered to the customer. DOA, damaged, or incomplete shipments must be reported to CheapPC.io within 15 days from the first day the product is received by the customer. All products must be returned to CheapPC.io within 30 days in accordance with our 30-Day Return Policy.

In order to return a product, the customer must provide at least one of the following as proof of warranty: (i) CheapPC.io serial number associated with the product, or (ii) the invoice number. 

 The warranty will cover:

- Faulty product components (i.e., malfunctioning hardware, excluding batteries).

- Faulty equipment (i.e., non-functioning hardware, excluding batteries).

- Service labour (all labour associated with inspection and repair of returned product).

 The warranty will not cover:

- Minor cosmetic imperfections and/or damages due to wear and tear (scratches, dents, discolouration) 

- Consumables (batteries).

- Software related issues.

- Defects caused due to negligence, accident, unreasonable use, or natural disaster (i.e., cosmetic or water damage due to mishandling, cracked screens as a result of dropping).

- Modification and tampering (i.e., modifications to hardware or software by the customer which result in malfunction of product).

- Any other causes not specifically related to defective products, materials, or workmanship.

If you have an issue with your device that is not officially covered under warranty, please contact our customer support line and we’ll do our best to help.

CheapPC.io will, at its sole discretion, repair, replace, or credit faulty product(s). The replacement product will be of either the same model and specifications as the originally purchased product or similar if the same is not available. Warranty is not valid if the CheapPC.io serial number label has been removed, defaced, or altered. CheapPC.io will not be held responsible for software corruption or data loss of any kind, specifically should any such loss occur during courier transit or while the product is being inspected or repaired. All warranty inspections and repairs must be directed to CheapPC.io, any inspection or repair conducted by a third party on behalf of the customer will void the CheapPC.io warranty.


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